Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Level: 1
Class: Sor 1
STR 12(1); DEX 16(3); CON 15(2); INT 17(3); WIS 16(3); CHA 18(4)
HP: 8
Saves: Fort(0 base, 2 con) = + 2, Reflex(0 base, 3 dex) = + 3, Will(2 base, 3 wis) = + 5
Defense: 13 = 10 + 0 (base) + 3 (dex)
Base Attack: Melee – + 1 = 0 (base) + 1 (str) , Ranged – + 3 = 0 (base) + 3 (dex)
Speed: 30ft
Initiative: + 3
Feats and Abilities: Water Blast (Sp), + 1 effective caster level when standing in body of water large enough to float in,

Trained Skills:

Knowledge (arcana) – + 7 (+ 1 rank, + 3 class skill, + 3 int)
Spellcraft – + 7 (+ 1 rank, + 3 class skill, + 3 int)
Heal – + 4 (+ 1 rank, + 3 wis)
Survival – + 4 (+ 1 rank, + 3 wis)
Swim – + 2 (+ 1 rank, + 1 str)

Class Skills: Appraise (Int), Bluff (Cha), Craft (Int), Fly (Dex), Intimidate (Cha), Knowledge (arcana) (Int), Profession (Wis), Spellcraft (Int), Use Magic Device (Cha), Swim (Str)

Special Items:

Spells Per Day: 3x 0-lvl, 2x 1-lvl
Spells Known:
(4 cantrips, 2 1-lvl)

  • Level 0:
  • Level 1:

Akilia was born in a small island village, as part of a tribe of spiritualists. Orphaned when she was very young, she was taken in and raised by the village shaman and trained as her apprentice. She was a very fast learner and carried an endearing charm about her, quickly becoming an invaluable and treasured part of the village. As she grew older, Akilia’s healing abilities also grew, much to the delight of her Master and the benefit of the village as a whole.

Not long after her sixteenth birthday, Akilia was sent out on her own to lands off of the island as an exercise in not only gathering the materials needed to produce the various medicines and salves of her trade, but also as a lesson in survival. Along the way, she met a young Frogkin named Gama. Gama was away from his cloister satisfying his taste for adventure and new knowledge, and he quickly became friends with Akilia and joined her in her task.

After collecting the last of the ingredients on her Master’s list, Akilia set off with Gama to return home. As they came to a clearing on the shore near her home, terror struck Akilia as she looked upon her village in flames. Swimming home as fast as she could, Akilia started calling out to her Master as she ran around in a panic. The horror grew as she came across the dead bodies of those she had grown up with and loved as her family, but nothing could prepare her for the site of her mentor, friend, and surrogate mother lying lifeless beneath the collapsed remains of her home. Desperately trying to free her Master from the debris, she caught a glimpse of Gama spouting streams of water from his mouth to put out the flames. The adrenaline rushing through her, Akilia wished she could do something like that to save everyone…and as that desire grew, she suddenly felt a strange power within her. She stopped, trying to figure out what it was she felt, then subconsciously glanced at her hands, which seemed to glow a faint blue hue. She turned to the water surrounding her island home, the feeling inside her seeming to pull her towards the shore in some way. She reached out in front of her, as the water seemed to rise up and swell towards her outstretched hands.

Still unsure what was happening, Akilia moved her hands left and right, and started to put the pieces together in her mind as the water continued to follow. Her Master regularly spoke of the magic she had power over, and how magic came in many different forms. Deciding that this feeling was indeed the magic of her Master’s stories, Akilia waved her hands in a long motion from the shore towards her Master’s burning home, a huge wall of water following with it, covering the village in a deluge which quickly doused all of the flames.

Amazed, but still in shock at the sight of her dead Master, Akilia wept, oblivious to everything else around her as she embraced her Master one last time.

A loud shout from Gama snapped her out of her focus, as she turned to see her friend standing in front of a 15-foot tall man-shaped flame – a fire elemental. Her Master communed regularly with the spirits of the elements, but never one quite this large. This had to be the culprit behind the destruction of her home. She ran towards the towering elemental, tears running down her face as she moved to wave her hands at the water again. Gama took a step back as Akilia commanded another torrent towards her family’s killer, but as the wave crashed into the elemental, a strange energy suddenly came over her and her Frogkin friend, knocking both unconscious.

When she awoke, Akilia looked around to find a completely unfamiliar surrounding, with the except of Gama lying unconscious next to her. Confused and still overwhelmed by her emotions, she woke Gama up, and set out to discover where they were.


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