Morrighan's Memento

A keepsake from her mother


+1 to all saving throws and skill checks

A small amber-colored gemstone, finely cut and affixed to a white-silver necklace.


In Morrighan’s life thus far, she hasn’t been able to keep much in the way of possessions for herself. Since being sold into slavery, and especially since the experiments began on her at the hands of her guild, her memory has faded drastically. Of all of the things about her life she’s forgotten, the one memory that she hates losing above all else is that of her mother. This stone has managed to stay on her person through her whole life, serving as a constant reminder that her mother is with her – and for some strange reason, whenever she held this stone in her hand, Morrighan has always felt a greater sense of safety…as if her mother is protecting her.

Morrighan's Memento

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