The Frogkin are a race of small frog people who reside on a demiplane called Mount Myoboku. There, they live a monastic lifestyle, dedicating their lives to the pursuit of knowledge and oneness with the energies around them.

Most of the Frogkin train as monks early on in their lives, learning to utilize their small agile frames to their utmost potential. As they grow older, many will branch off to train as sorcerers or wizards, as they are attracted to the study of Arcane lore above most else. Others will train as Druids, wanting to enhance their connection to the natural energies of the multiverse. There are other Frogkin who train in other specializations, but those are few and far between.

In general, the Frogkin keep to themselves, but are friendly with almost any other beings they come in contact with. The Frogkin are an adventurous people, travelling away from their home whenever their duties don’t need immediate attention. They live by the tenet that life should be lived to its fullest potential.

Known Frogkin:


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